A large range of custom designed booths for furniture, manufacturing and many other industries.

Eurotecno supply a range of custom built industrial spray booth/ovens for most industries that have a wet paint requirement.

We can make the spray booth almost any size to suit your specific requirements and have different extraction and ventilation options available. The spraybooths can be extract only or full-featured spraybooth/ovens with temperature controlled spraying and baking.

Our industrial spray booth/ovens are constructed from double-skinned insulated panels finished in white internally and externally. The same power groups used in our car spray booths provide excellent performance and efficiency. All of our industrial spraybooths utilise dry synthetic filters; Dry filtration is more efficient and provides many advantages over wet back/water wash spray booths. We can also convert existing wet back/water wash spray booths to dry filters.

Eurotecno also manufacture a range of dry filter, single-skinned galvanised filter boxes, extractors and open booths for specific custom applications. The galvanised range are powered by centrifugal ventilator fans for superior extraction performance.