Smoke Clearance Time Testing – From just £125!

smoke clearance time test

Smoke clearance time testing

We can test your spraybooth to comply with HSE requirements from just £125+VAT depending on your location.

Smoke clerance time tests are a very important part of spray booth maintenance and help reduce the risk of occupational asthma. You must display a sign on the spraybooth door with the smoke clearance time testing results.

Once the paint cloud has dispersed, there are still invisible contaminants in the spraybooth. The smoke clearance test establishes how long it will take the spraybooth to fully extract the contaminants and thus how much time the sprayer must allow for it to be safe to remove his air fed mask after finishing spraying. We provide the sign for the spraybooth door making this information very clear.

As part of the testing we provide thorough and comprehensive reports.

As well as offering smoke clearance time testing as a separate service, we can also carry out the tests during scheduled spray booth services at no extra cost.

All testing is carried out by our in house engineers.

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