Wet to Dry spray booth conversion

We can convert your wet back/water wash spray booth to a fully dry filter booth. Dry filtration has many advantages over water wash booth and a wet to dry spray booth conversion can result in significant savings year over year:

  • Wet back spray booths require the expensive removal of the contaminated water by specialised tanker. Dry filter booths do not require specialised disposal.
  • Dry filtration is more efficient at filtering particulates and paint, helping reduce or eliminate the paint build up from exhaust ducting and extractor fans.
  • The water in a wet back booth must be treated with chemicals and insufficient maintenance creates health risks due to bacteria in the water.
  • Water wash spray booths are prone to rust.
  • Maintenance is more expensive; As well as the pumping of contaminated water, the booth needs regular cleaning due to the build up of contaminated sludge.



Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. also supply a wide range of custom built industrial spray booths and extractors with dry filtration.

Please call us on 01202 897672 to discuss your water to dry spray booth conversion requirements.