Raptor is the most energy efficient and advanced infrared spray booth available. It uses a fully-electric heating system and Infrared curing coupled with high airflows and advanced control system to provide the lowest running costs and fastest production times. Raptor is available with two different infrared lamp configurations, the setting system, stainless steel finish and 4-leaf fully glazed entrance doors.

Raptor spray booths save time and money compared to a traditional Oil or Gas fired spraybooth for every job, cutting curing time and energy consumption significantly, all whilst providing top of the range airflows. Being fully electric, Raptor allows you to significantly reduce your carbon emissions.

The Setting System splits the booth into discrete zones, diverting all the air to just one zone of the cabin, significantly reducing running costs even further for smaller jobs such as when you are painting a wing.

Eurotecno also supply a large range of Automotive spray booths with traditional oil and gas fired heating and curing and an IR-Kit which can convert any Eurotecno automotive booth and many third party booths into Hybrid booths with infrared curing.

Raptor is a no-compromise spray booth. Performance exceeds that of a traditional booth in every way, with increased efficiency and superior curing.

Raptor infrared spray booth Interior infrared spray booth
infrared spray booth RAPTOR


Available Int. Widths4.0m | 4.22m4.0m | 4.22m
Length7.0m – 9.0m7.0m – 9.0m
Air Capacity30,000 – 36,000 m3/h30,000 – 36,000 m3/h
Centrifugal Fans
HeatingElectric 48 kWElectric 48 kW
(Optional 72 kW)
Heat ExchangerElectric | 360,000 Kcal/h Heat Exchanger with Oil or Gas Burner OptionalElectric
Infrared Lamps42 x 1,450 W IR Tubes54 x 1,450 W IR Tubes
Automated protective covers for infra-red lamps
Wall PanelsDouble Skinned, Rockwool insulation, finished in whiteDouble Skinned, Rockwool insulation, finished in white
Doors3-Leaf, Double Skinned, Rockwool insulation, finished in white.4-leaf with full length glass, Double Skinned, Rockwool insulation, finished in Stainless Steel
Control Panel15″ Touch Screen PLC15″ Touch Screen PLC with remote assistance
Inverter System
Heat Recuperating Ducting
Pressure ControlFully Automatic PLC ControlledFully Automatic PLC Controlled
Lighting4 x Tubes per light unit top row
2 x Tubes per light unit bottom row
6 x Tubes per light unit top row
4 x Tubes per light unit bottom row
ExtractionDowndraught (Excavated floor | Optional Base)Downdraught (Excavated floor | Optional Base)
SETTING SystemOptional
Stainless Steel FinishOptionalStainless Steel Front Panels and Doors
Electrical power requirement for installation70 – 78.5 kW70 – 78.5 kW



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Internal Features

RAPTOR Infrared spray booth

Integrated Infra-Red lamps. Infra-red curing is quicker and far more energy efficient than gas or oil fired burners. The infra red curing system can be separated into zones, further improving efficiency as only the area you are working in needs to be heated. Alternatively the entire vehicle can be cured via infra-red.


The infra-red lamps are protected by stainless steel covers which automatically open for the curing cycle and close for spraying.


Excellent illumination with colour matched lighting and flicker free high frequency electronic ballasts.


The Raptor has a “SETTING” system that separates the booth area into zones so that you can divert all the air to the part of the booth that you are working in, saving energy as you don’t need to power and heat the entire booth and increasing the performance of that zone.


Floor grids for full downdraught airflows, via excavated pits or fully gridded raised base.

The “SETTING” system zones the floor to divert the airflows into just the area you are working in, for example to just paint a wing.


Integrated Infra-Red lamps. Infra-red curing is quicker and far more energy efficient than gas or oil fired burners. The infra red curing system can be separated into zones, further improving efficiency as only the area you are working in needs to be heated. Alternatively the entire vehicle can be cured with all zones being utilised.

External Features

Raptor infrared spray booth Doors Closed + Plant

PLC touch screen control panel


Main power cabinet with inverters


Heat recuperating ducting; The heat exchanger captures heat from the exhaust ducting and pre-heats the input air significantly lowering power consumption and increasing efficiency.


Direct Drive electric motor, driving centrifugal ventilator fan.


Optional Stainless Steel finish


Full height window “Mangusta” doors


Electric heater battery. The Raptor is fully electric and uses the electric heater and infra red curing for the lowest running costs with excellent performance and high airflows.

Infrared Curing

Up to eight rows of infrared lamps provide the fastest and most efficient curing. Only the lamps in the zone required are used, further reducing running costs.

The infrared lamps have short, medium and long wave ranges allowing for a  range of materials to be cured. This allows you to spray and cure vehicles with a mixture of materials easily with different programmes available via the touch screen control panel.

Raptor Interior - Infrared On Lights Off

Energy Saving


    The Control panel has many energy saving features built in, combing to make Raptor the most energy efficient spray booth available.


    Direct drive speed controlled motors


    Input air is preheated by the energy recovered from the exhaust


    Reduce your carbon footprint and eliminate oil and gas


    Infrared lamps cure faster and more energy efficiently for massive savings compared to a traditional Oil|Gas fired spray booth.

Total energy consumption per job:

RAPTOR : 84 kW
Traditional Spray Booth : 302 kW

Total time savings per job:

RAPTOR : 75 minutes
Traditional Spray Booth : 115 minutes

*Includes preparation, spraying, flash off, baking and cooling.

Test parameters: 20°C Spraying temperature, 70°C Bake temperature, 15°C Ambient temperature.

Control System

The easy to use control panel belies the sophisticated system that controls the most efficient infrared spray booth available. A touch screen control panel give unparalleled control over each stage of the spraying and baking phases. The amount of energy used is displayed, allowing for precise running costs to be calculated for each job and can be graphed on the display.

Automatic pressure control is also built-in, keeping the airflows constant and adjusting fan speeds to compensate as the filters do their job keeping the air dust-free.

A web server is built in to the control panel allowing remote viewing of the control system including the viewing of the energy consumption of each job.


The infra-red curing system allows you to choose which zone you wish to cure for when only a part of the vehicle requires curing – when repairing a single wing for example. Only the infrared lamps in that zone are then switched on allowing for even greater energy savings.

The setting system* also allows the airflows to be zoned via an active ceiling, diverting all of the airflows into whichever zone you wish. The air is then shut off to the rest of the spray booth and the fan speeds can be significantly reduced accordingly. The airflows in the active zone can also be boosted if required.

This system further increases the efficiency and flexibility of the spray booth and reduces running costs significantly.

*The Setting system is standard on Raptor Evolution and available as an optional extra on the Raptor Plus.