Eurotecno EAS300 Air Scrubber | 3000 m³/h workshop air filtration systemEurotecno Spray Booths Ltd.

New Product: Air Scrubber

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Air Scrubber The Eurotecno EAS3000 high powered Air Scrubber filters the air in your workshop to help keep a clean environment. Multiple EAS3000 Air Scrubbers can be installed in a large workshop for highly efficient workshop air filtration.…
Upgrade Water Wash booth to dry filtrationEurotecno Spray Booths Ltd.

Wet to Dry spray booth conversion

We can convert your wet back/water wash spray booth to a fully dry filter booth. Dry filtration has many advantages over water wash booth and a wet to dry spray booth conversion can result in significant savings year over year: Wet back spray…
Ant Static Gun Anti-Static

New Product! Anti Static Gun

Anti-Static Gun Our new anti-static gun is the perfect antidote to removing static effectively prior to painting. By cleaning the object you are spraying with ionised compressed air you remove the static charge that can cause all sorts of paint…
Eurotecno Spray Booth Inverter Upgrade GraphEurotecno Spray Booths Ltd.

Energy Saving Upgrades

Energy Saving Upgrades Starting at just £200 per month, our inverter system upgrades can save you thousands of pounds a year and can pay for itself many times over. We can upgrade almost any spraybooth with an Inverter system that speed…
smoke clearance time test

Smoke Clearance Time Testing – From just £125!

Smoke clearance time testing We can test your spraybooth to comply with HSE requirements from just £125+VAT depending on your location. Smoke clerance time tests are a very important part of spray booth maintenance and help reduce the…
Eurotecno Spray Booth Services LEV TestingEurotecno Spray Booths Ltd.

LEV Testing – From just £125

We can offer LEV testing (Local Exhaust Ventilation) for your dust extraction, welding hoods, spraybooths, paint rooms and fume extractors starting at just £125.00 depending on your location and the number of extract points. As part…