Air Scrubber

The Eurotecno EAS3000 high powered Air Scrubber filters the air in your workshop to help keep a clean environment. Multiple EAS3000 Air Scrubbers can be installed in a large workshop for highly efficient workshop air filtration. Each unit can be ceiling mounted via the integrated mounting points* and has a remote speed controller for fine control of the air filtration.


Workshop Air Filtration

The Air Scrubber has a three stage filtration system; A pre filter pad followed by large capacity bag filter and an additional output filter to Eurovent F5 with 98% arrestance capacity. The EAS3000 is an industrial grade filtration unit with a high performance, high powered ventilation system and is the perfect solution for workshop air filtration. The air scrubber is also suitable to recirculate heated workshop air by diverting the warm air back to ground level to keep the workshop warmer and reduce heating costs.

A high capacity 3,000 m³/h direct drive centrifugal ventilator fan provide high efficiency, low vibration and quiet air movement. The speed controller allows for air speeds as low as 500 m³/h all the way up to full power.

The unit is powered via a standard three pin plug (230V 13A). The power lead plugs directly in to the speed controller unit via standard IEC connector.


Dimensions: 800mm x 600mm x 400mm

Finish: Powder coated in white

Filtration: Input Pad F5, Pre-Filtration Bag Filter EU4, Exhaust Pad F5

Air Capacity: MIN 500 m³/h, MAX 3,000 m³/h

Ventilator Fan: Centrifugal fan with 1.0kW single phase motor, Direct Drive, forward curved blades

Supply: Single phase 230V AC

The EAS3000 Air scrubber is available in the shop.


* fixings extra

We can convert your wet back/water wash spray booth to a fully dry filter booth. Dry filtration has many advantages over water wash booth and a wet to dry spray booth conversion can result in significant savings year over year:

  • Wet back spray booths require the expensive removal of the contaminated water by specialised tanker. Dry filter booths do not require specialised disposal.
  • Dry filtration is more efficient at filtering particulates and paint, helping reduce or eliminate the paint build up from exhaust ducting and extractor fans.
  • The water in a wet back booth must be treated with chemicals and insufficient maintenance creates health risks due to bacteria in the water.
  • Water wash spray booths are prone to rust.
  • Maintenance is more expensive; As well as the pumping of contaminated water, the booth needs regular cleaning due to the build up of contaminated sludge.



Eurotecno Spray Booths Ltd. also supply a wide range of custom built industrial spray booths and extractors with dry filtration.

Please call us on 01202 897672 to discuss your water to dry spray booth conversion requirements.

Ant Static Gun Anti-Static

Anti-Static Gun

Our new anti-static gun is the perfect antidote to removing static effectively prior to painting. By cleaning the object you are spraying with ionised compressed air you remove the static charge that can cause all sorts of paint application problems and contamination.

The anti static gun is designed to remove dust particles from the surface and to neutralise the static charge quickly and effectively.

A high voltage supply can drive up to four guns, which are available separately.

Please call for more details or a demonstration.

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Energy Saving Upgrades

Starting at just £200 per month, our inverter system upgrades can save you thousands of pounds a year and can pay for itself many times over.

We can upgrade almost any spraybooth with an Inverter system that speed controls the motors and saves fuel and electricity for each and every job. We install a ‘faceless’ computer system and you just continue to your existing control panel. We also add an economy switch to the control panel so that you can run the booth at less than flat-out-all-the-time!

We can also install new touch screen control panels, zoned airflows, bake-phase recycle systems and heat recuperating input ducting to make your spraybooth as energy efficient as possible.

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Energy Saving Upgrades

smoke clearance time test

Smoke clearance time testing

We can test your spraybooth to comply with HSE requirements from just £125+VAT depending on your location.

Smoke clerance time tests are a very important part of spray booth maintenance and help reduce the risk of occupational asthma. You must display a sign on the spraybooth door with the smoke clearance time testing results.

Once the paint cloud has dispersed, there are still invisible contaminants in the spraybooth. The smoke clearance test establishes how long it will take the spraybooth to fully extract the contaminants and thus how much time the sprayer must allow for it to be safe to remove his air fed mask after finishing spraying. We provide the sign for the spraybooth door making this information very clear.

As part of the testing we provide thorough and comprehensive reports.

As well as offering smoke clearance time testing as a separate service, we can also carry out the tests during scheduled spray booth services at no extra cost.

All testing is carried out by our in house engineers.

Please call us on 01202 897672 or send us a message with your requirements.

For more information please visit Services and LEV Testing


We can offer LEV testing (Local Exhaust Ventilation) for your dust extraction, welding hoods, spraybooths, paint rooms and fume extractors starting at just £125.00 depending on your location and the number of extract points.

LEV Testing 1024px

As part of the testing we provide thorough testing and comprehensive reports.


As well as offering LEV testing as a separate service, we can also carry out Local Exhaust Ventilation testing and smoke clearance time testing during scheduled spray booth services at no extra cost.


All testing is carried out by our in house engineers.


Please call us on 01202 897672 or send us a message with your requirements.